Christian Leaders College

Christian Leaders College is the collegiate credentialing arm of Christian Leaders, NFP (Ministries) tasked to help Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) students or future CLI students who want or need their studies at Christian Leaders Institute to result in collegiate credentials.

Christian Leaders, NFP (Ministries) oversees three primary education and ministry organizations. Christian Leaders, NFP is being renamed in 2019 as Christian Leaders Ministries.

Christian Leaders College is led by President Dr. David Feddes. Dr. Feddes is also the Provost of Christian Leaders Institute where he oversees the process of creating quality college-level classes.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) – At CLI, you can enroll in college-level ministry training correspondences classes taught by highly educated and rated professors free of charge. You can earn mission credentials with your studies. Christian Leaders Institute is supported by generous vision partners who want to make ministry training available everywhere.

All you do is enroll in the Getting Started Scholar Orientation class to begin taking free classes while studying in the Christian Leaders Ministries family.

Christian Leaders College (CLC) – Christian Leaders College helps your free correspondence studies at Christian Leaders Institute comply with the expectations of the United States Department of Education-recognized standards of accreditation.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) CLA provides you a local minister ordination option with global recognition. Free studies at CLI, where you earn mission credentials, is all that you need for the ordination process. Your credentials at Christian Leaders College are also welcomed.

Christian Leaders College Florida Headquarters Office:

2620 Cove Cay Drive  #305
Clearwater, Florida 33760

Florida Phone Number: 727-230-1036

Florida Staff:

Henry Reyenga – President of Christian Leaders, NFP (Ministries)

Henry Reyenga is the president of Christian Leaders Ministries. Christian Leaders Ministries include the Christian Leaders College, The Christian Leaders Institute and the Christian Leaders Alliance, and the New Life Card – Ignite Restoration

Pam Reyenga – Editor

Pam serves as editor of student blogs and as the assistant to President Reyenga in his duties with all of Christian Leaders Ministries.

Florence Fritz – Student Services

Florence Fritz – Florence assists students through customer service and helping them learn about volunteer opportunities.

Philosophy of Ministry

Our Vision

Christian Leaders College offers high-quality ministry training to any individual who desires a Christian-based higher education.

Our Mission: Launch Leaders

As a provider of higher education through online correspondence, Christian Leaders College exists to launch leaders worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong ministry skills, and passion for making disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking revival.

Institutional Goals

  1. Available

Make excellent higher education available for all who are called to mission and ministry, especially bivocational leaders, without uprooting them or burdening them with debt.

  1. Faithful

Increase knowledge of the Bible, and build a worldview and way of life centered on Christ.

  1. Diverse

Make biblical truth understandable and ministry methods applicable for potential leaders with various learning styles, personality types, life experiences, and cultural contexts.

  1. Relational

Involve online students in local mentoring relationships that enhance cognitive learning, aid personal spiritual formation, and offer supervised ministry opportunities.

  1. Credentialed

Provide documented training and academic credentials so that trained leaders have access to more positions that require such credentials.


State of Florida: Christian Leaders, NFP is authorized to grand religious exempted degrees through the Florida Commission for Independent Education. You can find Christian Leaders, NFP on this current list of colleges by clicking here.

Christian Leaders College is accredited by the International Association of Bible Schools and Seminaries (IABCS). This association is a state-chartered organization made up of member schools. CLC is recognized as an institution of higher Christian education. (

CLC is also a full member of the accrediting partner, Academic Council for Educational Accountability (ACEA).  (

Official Agreements with Seminaries, Colleges or Universities

Calvin Theological Seminary has recognized CLC’s degree programs. Students who complete the Bachelor of Divinity program through CLC are eligible to apply for admission to the M.Div, MA, and MTS programs at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Western Theological Seminary also will accept graduates of CLC’s Bachelors of Divinity degree into their Master of Divinity degree program.

Northern Seminary will accept CLC Bachelor of Divinity degree graduates for their Master of Divinity degree program.

Vision International University will accept transfer credits from students and graduates of CLC.

Ohio Christian University will accept applications to their master’s degree programs from Christian Leaders College Bachelor Degree graduates.