Welcome to Affordable Collegiate Ministry Credentials

Christian Leaders College is the collegiate credentialing arm of Christian Leaders Ministries tasked to help Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) students or future CLI students who want or need their studies at Christian Leaders Institute to result in collegiate credentials.

Christian Leaders Ministries oversees three primary education and ministry organizations.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) – At CLI, you can enroll in college-level ministry training classes taught by highly educated and rated professors free of charge. You can earn mission credentials with your studies. Christian Leaders Institute is supported by generous vision partners who want to make ministry training available everywhere.

All you do is enroll in the Getting Started Scholar Orientation class to begin taking free classes while studying in the Christian Leaders Ministries family.

Christian Leaders College (CLC) – Christian Leaders College helps your free studies at Christian Leaders Institute comply with the expectations of United States Department of Education-recognized standards of accreditation.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) CLA provides you a local minister ordination option with global recognition. Free studies at CLI, where you earn mission credentials, is all that you need for the ordination process. Your credentials at Christian Leaders College are also welcomed.

Christian Leaders College Florida Office:

2620 Cove Cay Drive  #305
Clearwater, Florida 33760

Florida Phone Number: 727-230-1036

The Reason For Christian Leaders College

Back in 2001, Henry Reyenga, Ron Parr, and Rich DeVos founded Christian Leaders, NFP now called Christian Leaders Ministries. Christian Leaders Ministries’ goal was to raise up Christian leaders for the spread of Christianity.  Read about the history of Christian Leaders Ministries and Christian Leaders Institute.

In 2006, Christian Leaders Institute was born. Christian Leaders Institute has trained thousands of Christian Leaders with high-quality college-level courses.

Many students from Christian Leaders Institute have requested that the credentials of Christian Leaders Institute comply with the expectations of the United States Department of Education-recognized standards.

In 2018, the Christian Leaders Ministries board of trustees recognized the need to make a compliance path for students to get a United States Department of Education-recognized accredited degree.

We are seeking to comply with the 22 standards that allow the free courses at CLI to result in United States Department of Education-recognized accredited certificates, diplomas, and degrees at Christian Leaders College.

Christian Leaders College is not yet accredited with United States Department of Education recognized accreditation. Therefore, Christian Leaders Institute began a relationship with the Association of Biblical Higher Education.

We have applied for Accreditation at this point, and are in the process of complying to the 22 standards of USDE recognized collegiate accreditation.