Steps to Admission to Christian Leaders College

Step One: Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute

Start the Christian Leaders Institute and take the Christian Leaders Connection Getting Started Class. This class can be completed quickly.  You will then officially be enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute. You will have free access to over 95 courses. You will be able to receive awards and both physical or digital award credentials. You can earn digital awards in ministry and enterprise. You will have access to an ordination program with the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

After you complete the Connection Class, you may want to immediately enroll in the Collegiate Credential Class that also enters you in Christian Leaders College.

Those who enroll at Christian Leaders College are still enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute. They now have dual-enrollment in both schools.

If you do enter into the Christian Leaders College, remember there will be low administration fees associated with that decision and other accreditation-related activities.

Your classes remain free of charge, supported by Vision Partners.