Christian Leaders College Handbook 2020-2021

Welcome to Christian Leaders College of Clearwater, Florida!

Christian Leaders College serves degree-seeking ministry or missional enterprise students. Christian Leaders College will also accept courses from Institutions that fit our acceptance criteria.

Christian Leaders College serves those called to volunteer, vocational, or bi-vocational ministry. According to David A. Roozen of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, the average size church in the United States is under 100 people. Churches of this size need well trained bi-vocational ministry leaders. It is optimal that ministry leaders called to serve these churches not have substantial college debt.

Handbook Table of Contents

A Message from the Chief Academic Officer

Philosophy of Ministry

Statement of Faith

Board of Trustees



Official Agreements with Institutions

A Short-History

Contact Information and Hours of Operations


Financial Information

  • Cost of the Certificate Program and the Diploma Program
  • Official Certificate or Diploma Credentials
  • Cost of the Degree Program
  • Payment of Fees and Tuition
  • Global Mission Fund
  • Payment Plan
  • Refund Policy

Academic Information and Admission Policy

Literacy Courses

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to CLI/CLC Age Requirement
  • Admission to Certificate Program
  • Admission to Diploma Program
  • Admission to a Degree Program

The Degree Programs

  • Christian Leadership Degrees with Consentrations
  • Divinity Degrees
  • Christian Enterprise Degree
  • Workplace Ministry Degrees
  • Christian Living Degrees
  • Ministry Degrees
  • Chaplaincy Degrees

Course and Credit Information

  • Course Enrollment Period
  • Course Enrollment Limit Policy
  • Previewing a course
  • Course languages
  • Transfer of credits to CLC
  • Transfer of credits from CLC to other institutions
  • Policy on Validating Credits Earned at Unaccredited Institutions

Examinations and Credits

  • Test and Exams
  • Reexaminations
  • CLC Policy for Retaking a Failed Class
  • Right to Appeal
  • Grading Scale
  • Granting Credentials
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Time Extensions for Study

Official Policies

  • Complaint Policy
  • Withdrawal Policy
  • Expulsion Policy
  • Code of Conduct and Student Expectations
  • Cheating, Plagiarism, and Failure Policy
  • Copyright and Usage of CLC Materials
  • Student Transcripts