Christian Leaders College Low-Cost Ministry Study Programs

Christian Leaders College offers Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees beginning at 30 credits. All the study is done at Christian Leaders Institute where you receive Mission Credential Awards. All college-level credentials come through Christian Leaders College. Click here to see the steps of Admission.

Benefits of Christian Leaders College Partnership with Christian Leaders Institute

  • You can study up to 30 credits, that is 10 classes at Christian Leaders Institute to discern your ministry calling. Are you a self-starter? Do you really have time to do ministry training? You will find answers to those questions.
  •  You study free of charge in a generosity-driven model of education before paying collegiate administration fees.
  • You avoid college debt. This saves you thousands of dollars in tuition payments.
  • Christian Leaders College will standardize the study of the free classes at Christian Leaders Institute and add Collegiate Credential activities that make your credentials comply to the 22 standards of the United States Department of Education-recognized accreditation standards. This is where administration fees apply.
  • Brings you high-quality classes for the ministry called people. Most ministry positions are bi-vocational, part-time, or low salary. This program blesses the families of those called to ministry by allowing them to be free of college debt after their ministry training is complete.

Christian Leaders College Low-Cost Ministry Study Programs includes Certificate, Diploma, and Degree collegiate credentials.