Christian Leaders College Scholarships

Maybe you do not have the resources for our low administration fees. Even monthly payments are not an option. Christian Leaders College offers Opportunity Scholarships inspired by the Pool of Bethesda story from John 5:1-15.

The pool of Bethesda appears in the Gospel of John in chapter 5, verses 1-15. In John 5, we read that a multitude of people with illnesses and infirmities were waiting for an opportunity to be the first one to step in after an angel stirred the water.

The first person who stepped in would be healed of his or her infirmity. Jesus notices a man waiting and heals him on the spot. The man has new opportunities to live life and contribute to society! Jesus brought the “pool” to the man, figuratively.  Jesus stirred the figurative pool and healed the man in his situation.

These Christian Leaders College Scholarships are for those taking the college courses but are still on the sidelines stuck without the opportunity to pay for the administration fees.

If you are needing to get your college credentials and your situation “healed”, we want to bring the “pool” to you as well. We ask you to enter this pool by faith that God is going to use someone to stir it. Someone will be the hand’s of Jesus for your situation.

By entering this “Pool,” students become eligible to potentially receive an Opportunity  Scholarship for a degree at Christian Leaders College. There are many students, individuals, churches, and foundations that are stirring the pool. There is every reason to believe that you may receive an Opportunity Scholarship.

Students may only be enrolled in the Opportunity Scholarships – Pool of Bethesda  Program if they have:

  • Completed at least 15 credit hours of college-credit course work at Christian Leaders Institute or Christian Leaders College. This shows Christian Leaders College and potential sponsors that these students would most likely be able to successfully complete a degree.
  • Maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students are also advised to complete the “Basic Writing (2 credits)” course first. We require you to complete an application letter that will potentially be given to our review committee and/or potential sponsors. Not only that but when you are matched with a sponsor and subsequently complete the exit paper in the degree program, your exit paper may be sent to your sponsor to allow them to follow your progress.

Enrollment for these Christian Leaders College Scholarships does not guarantee you will be able to receive a scholarship. The enrollment period for this program is one year (365 days). If a student is not able to complete the assignments or CLI is not able to match the student to a scholarship sponsor within the year period, the student will be automatically unenrolled and will need to prayerfully consider re-entering in the Opportunity Scholarship Class again.  So far we have funded most qualified scholarship applicants! 

Note: Students should not enroll in this Opportunity Program unless they truly cannot afford even the lowest monthly payment for their Nation Tier level. Students should also first enroll in and take the College Admissions and Degree Orientation course. Please prayerfully consider your involvement with this opportunity!