A Message from the President, Dr. David Feddes 

Is God prompting you toward leadership? Christian Leaders College exists to launch leaders worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong ministry skills, and passion for making disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking revival. If you sense that God is calling you to greater influence, Christian Leaders College can help equip you to make a positive impact for Jesus.

You can earn a college degree, diploma, or certificate while remaining in your location without amassing a crushing financial burden. All courses are free of charge, thanks to the generosity of our students, alumni, and donors. All classes can be accessed through a tablet, computer, smartphone, or any device with an Internet connection. As a college, we make excellent higher education available for all who are called to mission and ministry, especially bi-vocational leaders, without uprooting them or burdening them with debt.

You can become part of a diverse student body and join a mission force that is active in more than 170 countries. Christian Leaders College strives to make biblical truth understandable and ministry methods applicable to potential leaders with various learning styles, personality types, life experiences, and cultural contexts.

You can grow in your personal connection with God, your relationships with others, and your ability to minister in deeply personal ways. All students are encouraged to have a local mentor, who can enhance cognitive learning, aid personal spiritual formation, and offer supervised ministry opportunities.

In all of these ways, Christian Leaders College shares the same vital mission and offers the same education as the Christian Leaders Institute. CLC goes a step further than CLI by offering a more rigorous credentialing process. Christian Leaders College seeks to provide documented training and academic credentials so that trained leaders have access to more positions that require such credentials. Tuition remains free, but CLC charges some administrative fees in order to provide degrees, diplomas and certificates at a fraction of the cost charged by most institutions.

As you follow God’s call, I pray that Christian Leaders College can equip and strengthen you as a revival leader. May God bless your life and witness.

David Feddes, President
Christian Leaders College