Christian Leaders College Degree Program

Are you called to ministry and desire and Christian Leaders College degree? Have you been taking the free ministry training classes at Christian Leaders Institute and you are ready to commit to the collegiate standards of a degree program? Are you considering the benefits of a Christian Leaders College degree program?

Christian Leaders College Degree Program Benefits

  • Free General Education classes for your associate degree
  • Free Ministry or Christian Enterprise classes
  • Use some of your courses for licensing or ordination opportunities with the  Christian Leaders Alliance
  • Low-cost fees.
  • Avoid student loans
  • Gain confidence and competence for your life and ministry

Christian Leader Institute includes many programs that will help you get the knowledge and training to serve the Lord!

Did you know?

Over ninety percent of the world does not have easy access to a college degree. In fact, only 7 of 100 would have a college degree. See Stats Most cannot afford the high cost of tuition. The reality is that the traditional form of higher-education costs more and more. Some reports  say that the cost of traditional college education will increase by 80 percent in the next two decades.

Types of Degree Programs Offered

Christian Leadership Degrees

Are you interested in being an effective servant leader in your area of calling? At Christian Leaders College, every calling area is “ministry.” Servant leadership in ministry is one of our core values. “Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35).  The Greek word Jesus uses here for “servant” is the word, “diakonos,” which translates as “servant, minister, and deacon.”  One of our core values at Christian Leaders Ministries is to become a Christian Leader in the sense of being a “minister, deacon or servant.”

CLC offers an Associate of Christian Leadership Degree and a Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree. Currently, seven different concentrations are offered with this degree to allow students to dive deeper into specific topics related to their area(s) of ministry.

Divinity Degrees

Divinity Degrees are our most theological and academic degrees, requiring intellectually rigorous study. Christian Leaders College offers an Associate of Divinity Degree and a Bachelor of Divinity Degree.

Christian Enterprise Degree

Christian Leaders College offers an Associate in Christian Enterprise Degree. This course teaches the basics of Christian Enterprise from our unique Christian ministry perspective. This degree program is perfect for individuals wanting to start their own business or work for a local or global business.

Workplace Ministry Degrees

            Workplace Ministry Degrees are designed for the person called to minister in the workplace, whether that is a person who has their own business, works for a business, or works in a profession. CLC offers an                  Associate in Workplace Ministry Degree and a Bachelor in Workplace Ministry Degree.

Christian Living Degrees

Christian Living Degrees are designed for those who want general Christian studies in a variety of disciplines. Yet, this degree will conform to accredited degree standards for Associate and Bachelor Degrees. This Christian Living Degree Program gives students the flexibility to craft a study program to optimize growth and knowledge in their specific interests or ministry pursuit(s). CLC offers an Associate in Christian Living Degree and a Bachelor in Christian Living Degree.

Ministry Degrees

Ministry Degrees are designed for those who want to serve in church ministry or general ministry. CLC provides an Associate of Ministry Degree and Bachelor of Ministry Degree. This degree provides comprehensive ministry training that internationally goes deeper in topics of practical ministry skills and knowledge.

Chaplaincy Degrees

Chaplaincy Degrees are designed to give a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive topics needed for effective Chaplaincy. It covers a broad range of practical ministry, biblical, and theological courses. CLC brings you the study program through the Chaplaincy degree program, and the Christian Leaders Alliance offers ordained status through its ordination program, if desired. CLC offers the Associate of Chaplaincy Degree and the Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree.