History Courses

Christian Leaders College offers US, World, and Christian History courses in order to equip students with a Christian worldview and the knowledge to understand God’s hand in the past, present, and future.

HIS 110 United States History (3 credits)

This class examines major developments in United States history since 1865. 


  • Know important persons and events in American history from the Civil War to the present. 
  • Identify key political, social, economic, and cultural developments during this period.
  • Discern how contemporary America is rooted in its past.
  • Understand varying opinions and perspectives among historians.
  • Develop one’s own ability to evaluate the positive or negative impact of historical figures and trends.

HIS 220 World History (4 credits)

This World History class is an important part of your ministry training. This course is designed as an introduction to the rise and fall of various civilizations from about 3500 B.C. through 1500 A.D. You will study the major developments of peoples that lived long ago, but which shaped today’s world in significant ways. You will explore how cultures have come and gone, notice some common patterns in social development, and begin to sense the unique contributions of various societies.


  1.  Know about the rise and fall of various civilizations from about 3500 B.C. through 1500 A.D.
  2. Know about major developments of peoples that live long ago.
  3. Understand how major developments of peoples that lived long ago shaped today’s world in significant ways.
  4. See how cultures come and go, having awareness of common patterns in social development.
  5. Grow in awareness of the unique contributions of various ancient societies.

HIS 240 History of World Christianity (4 credits)

This course looks at major events, key persons, and important trends in the history of the Christian church. Such study helps us to see God’s faithfulness in the past and to better understand the church’s present challenges and opportunities. 


  1. Know important events, persons, and trends in church history.
  2. Know how Jesus and Christianity have affected various aspects of culture.
  3. Discern God’s purposes and faithfulness to his people throughout history.
  4. Be encouraged by past heroes and achievements, and emulate them in the present.
  5. Identify false ideas and bad behaviors in the past, and avoid them in the present.
  6. Gain a better understanding of Christians from various heritages worldwide.

HIS 395 History of American Christianity (4 credits)

This course examines the history of Christianity in America. You will explore major events and movements, grasp the impact of key leaders, evaluate significant theological debates, develop your ability to see contemporary American Christianity in historical perspective, and integrate these insights into your ministry context.


  1. Understand the historical development of Christianity in America.
  2. Develop an in-depth understanding of Christian leaders who shaped Christianity in America
  3. Grapple with some of the theological debates that occurred in American Christianity
  4. Reflect on how the development of Christianity in America has implications for your work in ministry. 
  5. Learn to think in historical frameworks as you do ministry.