Vision and Goals

Mission: Launch Leaders
As a provider of higher education through online correspondence, Christian Leaders College exists to launch leaders worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong ministry skills, and passion for making disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking revival.
Institutional Goals:
1. Available
Make excellent higher education available for all who are called to mission and ministry, especially bivocational leaders, without uprooting them or burdening them with debt.
2. Faithful
Increase knowledge of the Bible, and build a worldview and way of life centered on Christ.
3. Diverse
Make biblical truth understandable and ministry methods applicable for potential leaders with various learning styles, personality types, life experiences, and cultural contexts.
4. Relational
Involve online students in local mentoring relationships that enhance cognitive learning, aid personal spiritual formation, and offer supervised ministry opportunities.
5. Credentialed
Provide documented training and academic credentials so that trained leaders have access to more positions that require such credentials.