This plug-in provides a public interface to show the CLI/CLC Stats. Use Short code as follows: 

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Shows total Students,Credits and Avg GPA

Total StudentsTotal Credit HoursAverage GPA

to show table of Applicants,accepted, graduates

Application Report201520162017201820192020Total

To show a list of credentials

  • Title is title on the report
    • muliword titles are separated by underscore for spaces Life_Coach for example
  • startyear is the earliest year you want displayed.
  • previousyears is if you want all previousyears as part of the startyear total.
  • endyear is last year to report or 0 to use current year. 0 will add new years as they arrive.
  • certtype is a single or comma separated list of credential types you want to include in this report.
    • lifecoach,award,ordination,certificate,diploma,associate,bachelor
  • includeall will show credentials even if none have been awarded yet.
  • college=1 show only credentials of college students or 0 for all.        

Life Coach Report

20192020 YTDAll
Certified Life Coach Minister23102125
Matchmaking Coaching Badge41822
Leadership Coaching Badge92231
Worship Ministry Coaching Badge21113
Enterprise Coaching Badge112738
Life Skills Coaching Badge123042
Peace Smart Life Coach Badge154964
Discipleship Coaching Badge31922
Prayer Coaching Badge176077
Influence Smart Coaching Badge51924
Youth Coaching Badge3912
Evangelism Coaching Badge51015
Church Plant Coaching Badge61016
Total Programs of Study115386501

Award Report

<=20132014201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
CLI Entrance Award2550215239453297314134465285924033056
Christian Leaders Connection Award2845231936523081318234213705253024735
Christian Basics Award2842232036522885294520352548212921356
Christian Ministry Award284423183653314831172198111394919340
Apprentice Peace Ministry Award00001493174635181447
Apprentice Youth Ministry Award0000068150172390
Apprentice Prayer Ministry Award0001472493706196502035
Spiritual Fitness Ministry Award000000177228405
Apprentice House Church Ministry0000107171175191644
Collegiate Preparation Award0000071254240565
People Ministry Award000005529315363
Pastoral Care Ministry0613944524394953843352560
Apprentice Bible Interpretation001010293139178226748
Basic Worship Leader Award000001383372
Bible Study Leader Award0261912442653233292931671
Basic Women's Ministry Award000022736251208
Basic Marriage Award000059153123126461
Basic Continuing Ministry Award2654058478997569812902094652
Basic Evangelist Award000004442775
Basic House Church Award000003524499
Basic Chaplaincy Award000024474755173
Basic Church Planting Award000003473888
Christian Leaders Award14026748550444543279572409
Intermediate Biblical Greek Award0031187151357
Intermediate Continuing Ministry Award1423066116374374012282022964
Intermediate Chaplaincy Award0000381105254254
Intermediate Commissioned Pastoral Award281512582642292191521281429
Intermediate Women's Ministry Award000151921743112460
Intermediate Christian Leaders Award342244063793392965631737
Intermediate Ministry Award91002071861951911151241127
Intermediate Bible Award009907410011913405
Advanced Continuing Ministry Award0006993361224173920
Advanced Married Life Award000005432371
Advanced Ministry Award161591091042039799778
Advanced Commissioned Pastoral Award00000215144116
Advanced Divinity Award029466771357376523
Minister of the Word Award0000014382072
Advanced Chaplaincy Award00000001616
Enterprise Connection Award000043116156161476
Apprentice Enterprise Award000022476269200
Basic Workplace Ministry Award000023403947149
Basic Enterprise Business Award0000012131136
Intermediate Enterprise Business Award0000069722
Intermediate Plus Workplace Ministry Award0000926201772
Advanced Workplace Ministry Award00000371222
Advanced Enterprise Business Award000001359
Restorative Connection Award0000056128151335
Justice Christian Basics Award00000468079205
Ministry Basic Award0000050110118278
Basic Provider Award0000016172558
Family Restoration Award0000026302177
Restored Life Award0000025321673
CLC Admissions00000079756835
Total Programs of Study1170010657185761672116776175131853420851131328

Ordination Report

<=20132014201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Deacon Minister Ordination0772152124185824083752287
Officiant Minister001511391391729971771
Associate Youth Minister000000131528
Restored Life Minister0000010211445
Small Group Minister00001636221993
House Church Minister00001234302298
Church Planting Minister0014777151363
Women's Minister0002124301718110
Associate Chaplain Minister0000928202279
Youth Minister 0000009615
Associate Minister0000928242081
Commissioned Minister0781199263474428471
Commissioned Youth Minister0000006612
Minister of the Word000013239
Chaplain Minister00002671025
Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant000000323342665
Licensed Ministry Officiant00000005757
Licensed Minister00000006767
Licensed Ministry Chaplain00000004343
Licensed Life Coach Minister00000002929
Ordained Life Coach Minister000000166783
Ordained Life Coach Matchmaking Minister00000041822
Ordained Life Coach Discipleship Minister00000031922
Ordained Life Coach Enterprise Minister00000092332
Ordained Life Coach Leadership Minister 00000081927
Ordained Life Coach Worship Minister0000002911
Ordained Life Coach Life Skills Minister000000102333
Ordained Life Coach Peace Smart Minister000000124355
Ordained Life Coach Prayer Minister000000144761
Ordained Life Coach Influence Smart Minister00000051722
Ordained Life Coach Youth Minister0000003811
Ordained Life Coach Evangelism Minister0000005914
Ordained Life Coach Church Plant Minister0000006915
Total Programs of Study0155499471700983115714915456

Certificate Report

<=20132014201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Continuing Ministry Certificate142306611638435389103822706
Workplace Ministry Certificate00001820221878
Christian Enterprise Certificate0000058417
Christian Leaders Certificate34224406379339297116751870
Chaplaincy Certificate0000381102828204
Commissioned Pastoral Certificate2815125826422821799801325
Women's Ministry Certificate000000241640
Advanced Workplace Ministry Certificate00001320161362
Advanced Christian Enterprise Certificate0000023510
Certificate of Ministry910020718619419088811055
Total Programs of Study21378114821467126512505074027367

Diploma Report

<=20132014201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Continuing Ministry Diploma0003845324153111671
Christian Enterprise Diploma000001348
Christian Marriage Diploma000005331654
Workplace Ministry Diploma0000036716
Diploma of Ministry16158106971877874707
Commissioned Pastoral Diploma0000021423497
Diploma of Divinity029060721236460471
Total Programs of Study182482042146643793062024

Degree Report

201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Associate of Divinity Degree32044486188264
Associate of Chaplaincy Degree00008412
Associate in Christian Living Degree0000213
Associate of Workplace Ministry Degree0000000
Associate of Ministry Degree0000459
Associate in Christian Enterprise Degree0000112
Associate of Christian Leadership Degree0000011
Bachelor in Christian Living Degree0000101
Bachelor of Divinity Degree1621284554155
Bachelor of Ministry Degree0000235
Bachelor of Workplace Ministry Degree0000000
Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree000011011
Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree0000011
Bachelor of Divinity Degree03131214345
Total Programs of Study4297888139171509