This plug-in provides a public interface to show the CLI/CLC Stats. Use Short code as follows: 

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Shows total Students,Credits and Avg GPA

Total StudentsTotal Credit HoursAverage GPA

to show table of Applicants,accepted, graduates

Application Report20152016201720182019Total

To show a list of credentials

  • Title is title on the report
    • muliword titles are separated by underscore for spaces Life_Coach for example
  • startyear is the earliest year you want displayed.
  • previousyears is if you want all previousyears as part of the startyear total.
  • endyear is last year to report or 0 to use current year. 0 will add new years as they arrive.
  • certtype is a single or comma separated list of credential types you want to include in this report.
    • lifecoach,award,ordination,certificate,diploma,associate,bachelor
  • includeall will show credentials even if none have been awarded yet.
  • college=1 show only credentials of college students or 0 for all.        

Life Coach Report

20192019 YTDAll
Life Coach Minister Award444444
Matchmaking Coaching Award000
Discipleship Coaching Award111
Life Skills Coaching Award111111
Worship Ministry Coaching Award333
Enterprise Coaching Award111111
Leadership Coaching Award101010
Peace Smart Life Coach Award171717
Prayer Coaching Award181818
Influence Smart Coaching Award000
Youth Coaching Award333
Evangelism Coaching Award444
Church Plant Coaching Award555
Certified Life Coach Minister666
Ordained Life Coach Minister555
Licensed Life Coach Minister444
Ordained Life Coach Matchmaking Minister000
Ordained Life Coach Discipleship Minister111
Ordained Life Coach Worship Minister111
Ordained Life Coach Enterprise Minister222
Ordained Life Coach Life Skills Minister222
Ordained Life Coach Peace Smart Minister222
Ordained Life Coach Prayer Minister222
Ordained Life Coach Leadership Minister 111
Ordained Life Coach Influence Smart Minister000
Ordained Life Coach Youth Minister111
Ordained Life Coach Evangelism Minister111
Ordained Life Coach Church Plant Minister111
Matchmaking Coaching Badge000
Leadership Coaching Badge111
Discipleship Coaching Badge111
Peace Smart Life Coach Badge222
Prayer Coaching Badge222
Worship Ministry Coaching Badge111
Life Skills Coaching Badge222
Enterprise Coaching Badge222
Influence Smart Coaching Badge000
Youth Coaching Badge111
Evangelism Coaching Badge111
Church Plant Coaching Badge111
Total Programs of Study170170170

Award Report

<=2013201420152016201720182019 YTDAll
Christian Leaders Connection Award284623193652308131823421317621677
Deacon Ministry Award316524373189288129392014205218677
Christian Ministry Award28452318365331483117219895418233
Christian Basics Award284323203652288529452033209718775
Apprentice Church Ministry Award1762134025215295704502861
Apprentice Women's Ministry Award00015194199157601
Apprentice Peace Ministry Award0000147309372828
Apprentice Prayer Ministry Award0001392383605121249
Apprentice Youth Ministry Award0000065116181
Apprentice Worship Ministry Award00021473456158
Leadership / Elder Ministry Award000005124129
Apprentice Chaplaincy Ministry0000105186137428
Spiritual Fitness Ministry Award000000134134
Apprentice House Church Ministry0000107167145419
Apprentice Evangelism Ministry Award06553527993114456
People Ministry Award0000055254309
Apprentice Preaching Ministry0000043148191
Apprentice Church Planting Ministry01104123141175104648
Collegiate Preparation Award0000056167223
Apprentice Continuing Ministry Award40644160783288310332284430
Apprentice Bible Ministry1212625055836467585583433
Pastoral Care Ministry0563584164224843322068
Apprentice Bible Award254548119610269799125695484
Apprentice Marriage Ministry000076207148431
Teaching Ministry212312162983513553131785
Old Testament Bible Teaching00000163753
Apprentice Bible Interpretation00119887136143475
New Testament Bible Teaching08151513151682
Basic Evangelist Award0000043741
Basic Worship Leader Award0000023436
Basic Women's Ministry Award0000227053145
Basic Marriage Award000059147106312
Bible Study Leader Award027636715425471102635
Basic Continuing Ministry Award2553968278576848351343988
Christian Leaders Award141268485504445431672341
Basic Chaplaincy Award0000244639109
Basic House Church Award0000034144
Basic Church Planting Award0000034043
Intermediate Continuing Ministry Award1433076116384363951572687
Intermediate Christian Leaders Award35225406379339296511731
Intermediate Chaplaincy Award00003911045194
Intermediate Commissioned Pastoral Award291522582642292191371288
Intermediate Women's Ministry Award0001519317426444
Intermediate Ministry Award1010120718619519197987
Intermediate Bible Award00108873100107378
Advanced Continuing Ministry Award0006387348155653
Advanced Married Life Award0000064147
Advanced Ministry Award2615810510119472638
Advanced Commissioned Pastoral Award00000224567
Advanced Divinity Award0189596711954389
Minister of the Word Award00000133447
Advanced Chaplaincy Award00000000
Enterprise Connection Award000043116135294
Apprentice Enterprise Award0000224747116
Apprentice Workplace Award0000358398216
Basic Enterprise Business Award0000112922
Basic Workplace Ministry Award000024383294
Intermediate Workplace Ministry Award000022232166
Intermediate Enterprise Business Award000007815
Intermediate Plus Workplace Ministry Award000010261652
Intermediate Plus Enterprise Business Award00000336
Advanced Workplace Ministry Award000004610
Advanced Enterprise Business Award00000235
Restorative Connection Award0000056106162
Justice Christian Basics Award000004668114
Basic Provider Award00000161632
Ministry Basic Award000005093143
Business Award00000161632
Restored Life Award00000252954
Family Restoration Award00000262753
Biblical Studies Award000004258100
Total Programs of Study13292126772142720235207192081216086125248

Ordination Report

<=2013201420152016201720182019 YTDAll
Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant000000261261
Deacon Minister Ordination0772152124185823501854
Officiant Minister0015113913917289690
Associate Youth Minister00000099
Restored Life Minister00000102131
Small Group Minister000016361971
House Church Minister000012342470
Church Planting Minister00147771449
Women's Minister0002124311490
Associate Chaplain Minister00009281754
Youth Minister 00000077
Associate Minister00009282360
Commissioned Minister07811993634836437
Commissioned Youth Minister00000055
Minister of the Word00001427
Chaplain Minister000027413
Total Programs of Study01554994727009878953708

Certificate Report

<=2013201420152016201720182019 YTDAll
Continuing Ministry Certificate143307611639435388692592
Workplace Ministry Certificate000019202059
Christian Enterprise Certificate000006814
Christian Leaders Certificate35225406379339296891769
Chaplaincy Certificate00003911022171
Commissioned Pastoral Certificate29152258264228217851233
Women's Ministry Certificate0000011516
Advanced Workplace Ministry Certificate000014201448
Advanced Christian Enterprise Certificate00000336
Certificate of Ministry1010120718619419069957
Total Programs of Study21778514821468126812513946865

Diploma Report

<=2013201420152016201720182019 YTDAll
Continuing Ministry Diploma000344131297484
Christian Marriage Diploma0000063036
Workplace Ministry Diploma000004610
Christian Enterprise Diploma00000235
Diploma of Ministry261571059518157603
Commissioned Pastoral Diploma00000223759
Diploma of Divinity0184556311245360
Total Programs of Study272411941996392751557

Degree Report

20152016201720182019 YTDAll
Associate of Divinity Degree420444849165
Associate of Chaplaincy Degree000077
Associate in Christian Living Degree000011
Associate of Workplace Ministry Degree000000
Associate of Ministry Degree000022
Associate in Christian Enterprise Degree000011
Bachelor in Christian Living Degree000011
Bachelor of Divinity Degree2621283491
Bachelor of Ministry Degree000022
Bachelor of Workplace Ministry Degree000000
Bachelor of Divinity Degree0313121341
Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree000000
Total Programs of Study6297888110311