Christian Leaders College Statistics

Christian Leaders College has a real-time tally. We are a correspondence college where each person is on an individualized academic journey. These statistics chronicle the journey of our students.

Note: The years before 2018, Christian Leaders College statistics reflected the work of Christian Leaders Institute’s degree program.

Christian Leaders College Statistics

 Credits Awarded and Average GPA

Total StudentsTotal Credit HoursAverage GPA

Individual Applicants, Accepted Applicants, and Degree Graduate Totals

Application Report20152016201720182019202020212022Total

  • Retention Rate – 97.81%

Degrees Awarded

Associate Report

20152016201720182019202020212022 YTDAll
Associate of Divinity Degree000000275784
Associate of Chaplaincy Degree000000459
Associate of Christian Leadership Degree000000101626
Associate of Divinity Degree3204348611014220338
Associate in Christian Living Degree000022127
Associate of Chaplaincy Degree0000898126
Associate of Workplace Ministry Degree000001001
Associate of Ministry Degree0000466117
Associate in Christian Enterprise Degree000012216
Associate of Christian Leadership Degree000002417
Total Programs of Study320434876123104104521

Bachelor Report

20152016201720182019202020212022 YTDAll
Bachelor of Divinity Degree00000053439
Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree000000178
Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree00000072431
Bachelor of Divinity Degree19344059756229309
Bachelor in Christian Living Degree000010102
Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree00001116220
Bachelor of Ministry Degree0000247215
Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree000001225
Total Programs of Study193440639191100429