Christian Leaders College Statistics

At Christian Leaders College, students begin their journey at Christian Leaders Institute. They are allowed to take free college-level classes which include materials, quizzes and record keeping. They gather digital award credentials. Thousands are participating.

Numbers of those students desire collegiate credentials. Christian Leaders College has placed a structure in place that adds additional academic and collegiate credential requirements for those students who want their degree to be recognized as an accredited collegiate degree. This is the degree that is recognized by our academic partners like Ohio Christian University and other schools.

One of the requirements of an accredited institution is to keep excellent statistics of graduates who start the program and how they are progressing at Christian Leaders College.

While most colleges have a semester system of tracking results, Christian Leaders College has a real-time tally. We are a correspondence college where each person is on an individualized academic journey. These statistics chronicle the journey of our students.

Christian Leaders College Statistics

 Credits Awarded and Average GPA

Total StudentsTotal Credit HoursAverage GPA

Individual Applicants, Accepted Applicants, and Degree Graduate Totals

Application Report201520162017201820192020Total

Degree Totals

Degree Report

201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Associate of Divinity Degree32044486149225
Associate of Chaplaincy Degree00008412
Associate in Christian Living Degree0000202
Associate of Workplace Ministry Degree0000000
Associate of Ministry Degree0000448
Associate in Christian Enterprise Degree0000101
Associate of Christian Leadership Degree0000000
Bachelor in Christian Living Degree0000101
Bachelor of Divinity Degree1621284533134
Bachelor of Ministry Degree0000213
Bachelor of Workplace Ministry Degree0000000
Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree0000156
Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree0000000
Bachelor of Divinity Degree03131214143
Total Programs of Study429788813997435

Diploma Totals

Diploma Report

<=20132014201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Continuing Ministry Diploma000374532013554591
Christian Marriage Diploma00000533846
Workplace Ministry Diploma0000036312
Christian Enterprise Diploma000001315
Diploma of Ministry16157106961877639668
Commissioned Pastoral Diploma0000021421982
Diploma of Divinity018958691226236437
Total Programs of Study172462012106593571601841

Certificate Totals

Certificate Report

<=20132014201520162017201820192020 YTDAll
Continuing Ministry Certificate14230661163843538894352649
Workplace Ministry Certificate0000182022969
Christian Enterprise Certificate0000058114
Christian Leaders Certificate34224406379339297112361827
Chaplaincy Certificate0000381102813189
Commissioned Pastoral Certificate2815125826422821797401283
Women's Ministry Certificate000000241034
Advanced Workplace Ministry Certificate0000132016655
Advanced Christian Enterprise Certificate000002327
Certificate of Ministry910020718619419085401011
Total Programs of Study21378114821467126512494891927138

Christian Leaders College is one of the programs of Christian Leaders Ministries.